Florida Scrub Lizard

Here is a great example of a species common at Archbold Biological Station but found in few other places.

Florida Scrub Lizard

Adult male Florida Scrub Lizard. Photo by Evan Barrientos


Scientific Name: Sceloporus woodi

As you walk around the Station, at some point you’re likely to hear a dry rustle just in front of your feet. If you look down quick enough, you might spot a small brown lizard. At a distance, these lizards might not seem very interesting, but if you get down on your belly (like I did to take the photo above) and watch for a while, you might be in for a treat. The patterns on this lizard are beautiful. Breeding males have a blue line on their sides and females have a lovely set of dark stripes going down their backs. They also dart across the sand with incredible speed and snap up ants insects than your eye can comprehend! And last, Florida scrub and sandhills are the only places in the world you’ll find them in the wild.

A young Florida Scrub Lizard hides among Gopher Apple. To the lizard, the scrub is a giant jungle. Photo by Evan Barrientos

ARCHBOLD RESEARCH: Scientists have conducted numerous studies on Florida Scrub Lizards at Archbold Biological Station, ranging from studies on the effects of habitat fragmentation to the effect of fire on lizard parasites.

Written and photographed by Evan Barrientos – Environmental Education Intern at Archbold Biological Station

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