Green Anole

Aka: Anolis carolinensis, Carolina Anole

If you’re walking on one of the trails here at Archbold Biological Station and you hear a dry rustle and seen a green flash out of the corner of your eye, you’ve probably stumbled across a Green Anole, one of our most beautiful lizards.

Green Anole

They’re quite shy and  very good at leaping from twig to twig to escape your gaze, but if you move slowly you might get to watch one resting on a palmeto or scrub oak leaf. Like geckos, they have adhesive toe pads that let them grip smooth surfaces. These nimble creatures hunt insects and spiders of the scrub. Green anoles can change color, and you might find them sporting green, brown, or gray skin. Sometimes if you wait long enough you can even watch them change color! Mood, temperature, humidity and health all affect their color. Yesterday I saw my first brown one:


Written and photographed by Evan Barrientos – Environmental Education Intern at Archbold Biological Station

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